Welcome to the PJ web page.

I have been looking for a dog for quiet a while now.

I had been looking at a lot of different web pages listing dogs.

I found PJ on the Pet finders web page. She is from the Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota.

She is 3.5 years old. She came from a place in Tennessee that was hording dogs.

 It was meant that PJ and myself would come together.

She came to my place on March 9,2010.

She is the best thing that could have happened to me.

Here are some pictures of PJ.

She is a Dachshund  cross.

I think she has been crossed with a Beagle as she has longer legs than a

Dachshund . 


PJ is 13 today.


PJ is 12 today


Today is PJ'S 11th. Birthday.


I went to the State Fair today 9/2/2015 and had a Caricature made of myself and PJ.

I think it came out real neat.


PJ's Birthday was August 24 2015. She is nine now.

 Here are a few pictures I took of her.


I found a picture that looks like PJ on Facebook. This is the new USPS.


Well PJ is ready to go trick or treating tonight!!


PJ is 6 today!! 


Well we hope that everyone is having a great 4th of July today. PJ has a new bone to chew on for the day!!!


Well I was doing some stuff on the

computer today and PJ decided to take a nap on the bed!!!

PJ went to the Vet today to have her stiches and collar removed today.

Than she went over to the groomer to get all cleaned up and boy

she sure is happy now. She feels like a new puppy now.



Well PJ had to have some sugery today.

She had her Anal glands taken out. She is now recovering at home with me and doing just fine.

Here is a picture of her with her coller so she can not chew on her surgery.


Well PJ went shopping today and found a nice new outfit.


 Well we found the perfect outfit for PJ.This will make a good

Fall outfit for her and she can wear it on Halloween.


PJ is 5 today!! I gave her a birthday bone today.

She sure enjoyed that bone all day.

On July 7 PJ and I went out to Camp Courage Maple Lake to see Pat WA0TDA.

Here is a picture of a tree that fell over in a storm earler.

And here is a picture of PJ and myself at the Handiham Station W0ZSW.


Well for the 4th. of July I gave PJ a

bone to work on which she did all day.

Well Pj went shopping for a new Spring Shirt on 2/17/10

and here is a picture of her with  her new shirt.



Seeing as I had a free day PJ and I decided

to go and see my Sister in Hector, MN.

Here are some pictures of the day there.

Here is a picture of PJ and Myself on the couch.

Yvonne and I were working on the

computer so PJ took a nap under it.

Well PJ had enough of this computer

stuff so she took a nap on the bed.


Well happy new year everyone!! PJ and I had a quiet weekend.

 PJ got a new jacket from the Lady at the Centerville Pet Food store today.

Here are a few pictures of PJ with her new coat.

 She will be a lot warmer in the winter on those walks.

Well for Christmas I gave PJ a big bone to work over in the afternoon.

Here are a few pictures of her with her bone.



We had some pictures taken by a  Professional

 photographer on Saturday 11/13/2010 at the Vets office.

Here they are.



We found an argyle sweater online and ordered 2 of them for

 PJ for the winter. Here are 2 pictures of her showing off her new sweater.



Well I completely forgot about PJs birthday. Her birthday was

8/24/10. She is 4 years old now!! Her diet and walking sure

 paid off also. She now weighs 20 LBS. She was 23 LBS when I got her back in March.   

I found a Brett Favre #4 Jersey with the Green Bay

Packers colors on line the other day. Here is PJ modeling her new Jersey.



Well Katy K9 sent me PJS Graduation Diploma today.

 She officially made it through Beginner I Obeisance

 Class back in Had.PJ is jumping all

around the place because of this. She is one happy Dog.

Well on 6/30/2010 PJ had surgery to remove some grass

from her stomach. Here is a picture of her with her new

 shirt. I had to get the for her so she would not scratch

 or lick her wound. She gets the staples removed on

7/12/2010. Now she is on a strict

 diet and has a quiet day. No jumping around or walks for a few days.


June 13 2010.

Well I decided to give PJ a butcher bone to chew on today.

 Boy did she  ever get into that bone! When she had it

down rather small I tried to take it from her but

 she snapped at me and kept it

. I took a set of tongs and took it before

 she got it to small and would choke on it. 



May 18,2010.

Here you see PJ at the Handiham office at

Camp Courage Maple Lake MN. She is checking

out all of the radios that will be used during

 the up coming Radio Camp May 21-28,2010.

The other person in the picture is Avery K0HLA.


May 9,2010

Well all is well with PJ and me.

 She is now going to school at KTK9's here in Hugo.

Here is a picture of her on the bed.

 She now is quiet camera shy so it is hard to get a picture of her.

And her is a picture of her in my lap in the Living Room.


March 9,2010.

This is a shot of PJ in the morning of her first day here.

Here she is in the living room.

She likes to sleep on the bed.

One day I found her under the bed.

She looks happy here.

Well she is going exploring again.

One day when I was working on

the computer she decided to make a nest on the bed.

She was found out and is going onto the floor.

She sure has long legs.

I hope that you have enjoyed this page about PJ. More pictures may come later.