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If you have something to list please E-Mail George. 

your information and I will post it.

 If you have pictures please attach those also.

 If you sell or receive the item you posted please let me know

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I have my Icom IC-2720H for sale for,
$250 or best offer 
Contact Ed at 952-428-8820
Free priority shipping is included. 

 It’s Dual band 2m/440. With remote control head and microphone. 20watt.

Has mounting bracket and extension cable.

Works great. Needs a new home.

Contact me by email  for interested parties. 




Here's the list of antique gear I'm looking for a home for.   Make an offer. 
Looking for reasonable value... but familiar with posted listings on QRZ.com. 
Some items are simply free to someone who could use.  
Working Collins KWM-2 Transceiver Ser 10695,  with Type 516F-2 ser 10946 power supply, 
and station control 3128-4 Ser 51788.   2 ea AstAtic D104 mikes.  Micronta Field strength / SWR meter.  Full set of crystals. 

Collins 30-L1 Linear.   (non-working - needs repair -  Blew breaker - shorted Cap?)
Includes all tubes including 4 811As.
CDE Antenna Rotator
Mosley TA-33 Triband (full size)
RG-11U cable.  50+ ft. 
Rotator cable.  50+ ft
Heathkit DX-40 (my 1958 novice rig).  Free to someone who can use.

Model 111 Gm & Em Tube Tester.  Precise Development Corp Ser 5273
2 Caddies of tubes.  (belonged to a TV repairman).   
Appreciate what you can do to get the word around.

Joe Ward


Ham Radio Equipment for Sale by K0MBN




Questions E-MAIL ME. Questions E-MAIL ME



  • Excellent Condition

  • Non-smoking Environment

  • Frequency: 10-160 Meters + WARC & 50-54 MHz

  • Power: 100w.

  • High Stability Crystal OSC TCXO – After Market

  • Price: $550



  • LDG KT-100 TUNER

  • LDG Tuner – Plug-and-play for Kenwood Tranceivers

  • Continuous coverage 1.8 to 54 MHz
    * Power rating HF (1.8 to 30 MHz): 0.1 to 125 watts
    * Power rating 6 meters: 100 watts
    Power requirements: Supplied from the radio

  • Excellent Condition

  • Non-smoking environment

  • $125 (Will sell for $100 if purchased with TS-590S)




  • Excellent Condition

  • Omnidirectional

  • 3db gain when stacked

  • 1:1 SWR

  • Paid $220 will sell for $125



  • Adaptive DSP Noise Reduction for Voice and CW

  • Continuous Adjustable Noise Reduction

  • Contains 11 watt (into 4 ohms) Power Amplifier

  • Excellent Condition

  • Non-smoking Environment

  • Comes with power supply and cables

  • $125 (Sells for 219.95 at West Mountain Radio)


The following equipment is from the estate of Herby K0UBK.

If you are interested in any items contact Tery N0GOI at

651-308-3441 If no answer please leave a message or

E-Mail Terry.

EICO  Model 710 grid dip meter.


 Heath kit Oscilloscope OP-1



Zenith Trans - Oceanic  receiver



Lafayette TE-50 tube tester   W/case



Heathkit  RF Signal Generator



RF Meters both for the same price




Eico model 950 signal Generator



Eico model 232 VTM meter cover broke



Heath kit power supply  HWA - 202-1




Heathkit HM-102 SWR / watt meters

$40 ea

Elco model  324 signal Generator






National NC-300 $150.00 very good

Heathkit TX-1 Apache

w/SSB Adapter $175.00 Great Condition

Drake 2B and 2AQ $225.00 good

Drake T4XC/R4C/MS/AC4 $550.00 very good

E. F. Johnson Challenger - 80-6 meter

 transmitter 70W-AM, 120W-CW Great Condition $125.00

Hitachi Oscilloscope 100MHZ,

2CHANNEL - $200.00 works and is accurate

Drake T4XC - tech special or part radio $125.00


Pickup in St Paul only


Kevin Elliott - KG0MN

ST Paul, MN 55105

E-Mail Keven KG0MN.



I am in the process of moving

and need to sell my tower and antenna. 

I'm asking 700.00 OBO would

consider a trade for radios and other ham gear

this is what included:

HDBX 40 tower

Yaseu rotator with control box

Mosley TA-33m WARC beam.

 Covers 10,15,20 (beam) 17,12,40 (rotating dipole)

All has been carefully taken down and was in use until last week.

I need this gone no later than 10/31/18

Picture available on my QRZ page N0DFL

E-MAIL Aaron.

or call 651-236-0109


I have the following items for sale, all vintage

equipment but believed to be in good working order:



EPI stereo speakers (walnut finish cabinets 2)

180 (Spkrs need new foam)

McGraw Edison Standard Signal Generator


Sencore Harmonic Generator


Sencore “Pocket Cricket” transistor/FET tester


Will consider any offers.   I can be most easily

contacted via , phone is 763.753.1840. 

 QTH is Oak Grove, (North of Anoka.

Thanks & 73!  Barry.

Vintage radio collector looking for RCA communications receiver

models AR-88,  ACR-111, AR60, AVR-111.

Also looking for any equipment made by the

 EH Scott Radio Laboratories or

Vintage radio collector looking for early (pre WWII)

National Company Inc. Equipment – AGS, HRO, SW3, FB-7,

Thrill Box, Power supplys, Speakers, coils, Etc.

 The Scott Transformer Company.

Tony Peterson email ton10291@comcast.net Phone (763) 422-8889

David Wagner n0cfp
Looking for voice pager with charger as well as an

 Astron power supply at least 20 amp in good working order .

Please contact as soon as possible.