The North Branch Repeater is a MSF 5000 Digital repeater.

This repeater is part of the MAGIC Repeater system.

It is on 147.315 + 6k with a PL tone of 91.5

It is set at 50 watts output to the Antenna

It is located at the feed mill on the corner of

Chisago County 30 and Hwy 95.

Here are pictures of the MSF 500 and the duplexers.


Here is a close up of the antenna and a picture of it mounted at the feed mill.

Here are some pictures from on top of the mill taken by Terry NØGOI.

Looking North West.                     West slightly North


                                 Looking West slightly South                                    Looking West slightly North              

              Looking South  over 95                       Looking South East over  Hwy 95 and Hwy 30                                                    

           Looking  East South over   Hwy 30                                      Looking  East  over   Hwy 30                                                         

Looking North East  over   Hwy 30                              Looking North along west side of  Hwy 30