NØGOI Terry had a crew help him put the antennas on top of the Foreston water tower.

These antennas are for the 146.745 and the 443.673 repeaters in Foreston.

Base for the repeater cabinet.                                                                      


Here is the cabinet that  the repeater equipment is installed in on the pad.       


 Foreston 2 meter 146.745 / 146.145 Pl 107.2 NØGOI/R MSF 5000.

Foreston UHF 443.675 / 448.675 Pl 114.8 NØGOI/R MSF 5000 Digital.

View looking up from the ground.

                                                                                                          Terry NØGOI on top of the water tower.

Here is an areal shot showing the antennas for the 146.745 and the 443.675 on the tower.

 View from the top of the water tower.

The first picture is looking east and proceds to go  

                                                       clockwise as you look at the rest of the pictures.